Take Off

When I accepted the position in New York City, the three-week notice seemed such a long time to move. Now, sitting on the plane, I am wishing I had more time here. But it is time to embark on my new adventure. Leaving Columbus has not been an easy decision. Although I am SO excited … More Take Off

2 0 1 6

I hope everyone had a terrific holiday with family and friends! Can you believe it is already the end of 2016? I can’t! I know this time of year is a time for reflecting on the past and looking forward to what the future has in store. It is a time where you set new … More 2 0 1 6


Happy Fall Beautiful People! I know, I know…I have been completely MIA on here but do not worry! Did you honestly think I would skip out on my fashion season…pfft, never. But today, instead of writing about fashion I am writing about one of my favorite philanthropic organizations, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! (of course) … More #Raise4LLS

Celebrate Yourself!

Growing up, birthdays have always been a big deal in my family. My parents have always went over and beyond to celebrate my birthday and I have done the same for them. As I continue to get older, it hasn’t really changed! Birthdays are a very special day and a huge milestone, no matter what … More Celebrate Yourself!

I said “YES!”

I am SO excited to announce that I┬ásaid, “YES!” No, I did not get engaged and I definitely did not say “YES!” to the dress like some of you might be thinking; but I did in a way. For the year 2016, I decided to live fearlessly, try new things and welcome any opportunity life … More I said “YES!”

Feelin 21…

So my 21st birthday is only 2 days away! Most people get very excited about birthdays but for some reason this birthday has me thinking about my childhood and how fast time has gone over the years (I am excited about my birthday, FYI). Quiet frankly, I am┬ástarting to realize just how truly weird I … More Feelin 21…


Hello to all my friends. Today marks the last day of the year 2013 and naturally I am writing a blog post. This post is going to be filled with a lot of great things, beautiful people, and terrific moments! I am very excited to take the time to sit and reminisce on the past … More Clink!