Look Back At It

It is crazy to think it has been a month since I moved to New York. It has been a crazy adventure and I have enjoyed every moment of it. Over the last month, I have definitely opened my eyes to a new lifestyle and a whole new world *cue Aladdin theme song*. New York City is a crazy, unique, beautiful and an ugly place all in one; it is incredible.

So what exactly have I been up too this past month? Anything and everything.

It is an absolute rat race out here, truly. We put our head phones in, block out the world around us and squeeze on the subway cars like sardines, literally. When you take the moment to stop and look at the people around you, you realize how many stories surround you – and you really begin to read your own.


Where have I been?

Brooklyn, Midtown, Upper East Side, East Village, West Village, Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo, China Town, Little Italy, Central Park, Times Square, MacDougal Street Homes…you name it and I have probably been. I have consumed more pork dumplings around this city than I care to admit, walked more miles than I have since my sophomore year in college and seen more of the city in one month than I thought possible.

I have survived a blizzard, walked in the sunshine and sloshed around in the rain. From my daily commute to work to my weekly Sunday adventures, I have seen so much of the city, but the magical part is I have seen very, very little and it is just the beginning.

I have admired the art in the Whitney Museum, been captivated by performers on the subway and in awe of the art that fills every street you walk down. I have been an honorary Bruins fan, felt like a lost soul at the Chelsea Market when trying to decide what to eat and fell in love with pickle back shots. I have been in a NYU college bar and a rooftop bar that has the most amazing view of the Empire State building. I have made new friends and had a few choice words for complete strangers, specifically those who don’t walk on the right side of the sidewalk…seriously, why is that such a difficult concept? In my opinion, people just wouldn’t be so frustrated if everyone walked on the right side of the sidewalk – JUST SAYING!

The last month has taught me so much about life, where I want to go and things that I never even thought about. All I had to do was open my eyes.


Things I have learned

  1. When you tell people you are from Columbus or another Ohio suburb they will immediately assume you grew up on the farm with cows, chickens and corn fields.
  2. Going to The Ohio State University doesn’t mean the same to people on the East Coast like it does in the Midwest (Go Bucks forever!)
  3. During the cold weather months all dogs wear puffy coats and little doggy snow boots. I AM NOT KIDDING. It is the cutest thing ever! Then when you see a dog without a puffy coat and little doggy snow boots, you get angry at the owner. I am also not kidding about that.
  4. When there is a snow blizzard, the city completely shuts down. It is absolutely eerie. How would I know that? I braved the Stella Blizzard and went into work and was 1 out of 6 employees in the office. It was productive day to say the least.
  5. When the snow starts to melt and drip off the buildings you will ALWAYS panic thinking a bird pooped on you. Or maybe that is just me because I’ve been pooped on by a bird one too many times.
  6. NEVER sit in the front seat of a Uber. DO NOT start conversation with your Uber driver unless they do so first. It is not Columbus, Ohio where all the Uber drivers are friendly and have snack options to pass out.
  7. Full size school buses are not a thing here but short buses and subways are a thing. I swear, I stand by 13-year-olds on the subway on their way to school in the mornings.
  8. You will never be surprised but what people wear. So express yourself. Be yourself. Wear what you want. Be who you want. The world here will love you regardless.
  9. This city is on a mission to make me eat healthy. Oreos, cereal, Poptarts are all $4-$5…it is absolutely ridiculous and heartbreaking – so feel free to send me a care packages with all the bad and sugary foods.
  10. Everyone wears white shoes here, Superstars, Stan Smiths, Vans, etc. and NO one cares how dirty they get – it stresses me out.
  11. Don’t try getting on the subway past 9am…I learned that the hard way this morning.
  12. This city is a beautiful disaster


Moving to New York City last month was the biggest/scariest/best decision I have made. Since living here, I feel like I am finding my true self more and more with each passing day. Uprooting your life makes you open your eyes wide to the bigger world around you. As much as I miss home, I know that New York is where I am suppose to be now. Living in New York City will continue to bring inevitable change but I am welcoming it with open arms.

There’s no looking back. That is all there is too it. I have successfully survived my first month in my new home and that is exactly what this place has become in just a such a short time, home. Taking the big leap to pursue my dreams and explore a new city has been the greatest decision I have made. I urge everyone who is thinking about taking the leap to take it and do not look back. Some days will be easy and other days will be hard. You will learn a lot of things when you open your eyes and mind to the world around you.

You will undeniably miss your family and friends. You will lose some while you gain others. You might get lost in the city several times but you will find yourself somewhere along the way.


Xx Bee


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