THIS IS BIG NEWS – I am moving to NEW YORK CITY! I can hardly believe that in just two weeks I will embark on my next big *gigantic* adventure in a different state with a new job. It is really difficult to describe how I feel because I am pretty much feeling every emotion – excitement, nervousness, anxiety, pure joy and a million more!

It is a big step in my life to move out of Columbus, OH, the place where I have called home for almost 24 years! This city has been my foundation and has provided me with so many opportunities including my education, my friendships, relationships, jobs, explorations and important life lessons. But now is the time to take a leap and pursue my dreams!

Job searching for the past year has been mentally and emotionally challenging, something I never thought I would go through. I kept telling myself that the right opportunity would come but time after time it didn’t. I asked myself a MILLION questions to answer my “Why?” but never seemed to fully comprehend or believe what I told myself but I continued to persist.

And through my persistence and FAITH, a door has opened for me.

As some of you may or may not know, but I am a member of the BEST church, EVER. I attend Rock City Church in the Short North Arts District. I first attended Rock City a few years ago for the first time but recently committed myself to God and making our relationship stronger. I have been regularly attending Sunday services and have put in the effort to apply our Pastor’s message in my life daily. The series they create and the messages they have shared with me and my community are nothing short of incredible. The current series we are in is titled, “From Here to There” and it has been the most inspirational and eye-opening services I have ever attended.

I unfortunately had to miss Part 1 of the series but got back into my routine the following weekend. It was just in time for Part 2 – My Work Life. As I was sitting in church with my closest friends, a dark cloud was looming over me as I had just lost a loved one in my life. I felt distracted, dreading the fact that I had to travel that week for a funeral and a million other things on my mind. But, as the opening songs filled my ears, a joy and calmness seemed to also fill my heart and mind.

The message shared that day was inspiring and filled my heart with hope and my mind with a motivation that I had missed. Pastor Chad shared with us that,

“There is a God-given desire in every single one of us to know that what we’re doing is making a difference.”

He could not have been more correct. I realized that I was so focused on where I wanted to be that I was not thinking about where I was in that current moment. So, I decided to dedicate myself to the Lord and focus on where I was and where I wanted to be and how I was going to get there. I was going to start today.

Several days later, I was offered a digital marketing and social media position at a PR firm in Manhattan. I was shocked, scared, happy, anxious, in awe and completely overwhelmed with the decision that I had to make. I had a million questions and concerns. I did not know where to start. Ultimately, I decided that this is God’s work and He had provided me with my opportunity to pursue my dreams. So, I am taking the leap!

It has been an absolutely overwhelming process coming to the decision to uproot my life and move to New York City. But life is all about adventure, right? It takes one open door to open up a world of endless opportunity. I did not want to ever question my decision or have any regrets. This past weekend, again, God spoke to me through Pastor Chad who said,

“God might only open one door. Take it. Walk through it.”

So, I am. Here goes nothing!

Since my decision to accept the position and move to New York City, the support has been insurmountable. I cannot thank my family, friends and God, who have supported me, inspired me and encouraged me through my decision-making process. Without them, I am unsure if I would have made the right choice. My parents have been so supportive and encouraging too, and it has just reminded me that I have the most selfless parents and I am lucky to call them my role models. And to all of my friends who have sent me encouraging messages and comments on my social media accounts, THANK YOU! The encouragement and support I have received has brought me to tears and I wish there was a way I could show you my gratitude.

As I prepare to take off on my new adventure, I invite all you to join me! Please consider subscribing to my blog to get notifications when I publish new posts (find the “follow” button in the sidebar) and give me a follow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! All of these platforms will be constantly updated and a great way to send me any tips and tricks about conquering life in New York City!

I will be saying farewell and moving on March 6th. I will be living in Brooklyn (how fitting) in the Bushwick area! I would love to hear any recommendations for anything in the local area – I WANT TO SEE IT ALL! Lastly, you can also follow me by my hashtag: #BrookeInBrooklynđźš•

I hope to continue providing new and captivating content on my blog and social media outlets as I explore my new home!

And of course, a special thank you to my PIC (Photographer In Crime), Amberley! I cannot thank her enough for her creative idea for my NYC shoot and all of our Columbus adventures over the months! I cannot wait until you visit me in the Big Apple!









Details: Shirt: Express; Skirt: Target (It is under $8); Pumps: Christian Louboutin; “NYC” balloons: Surprise Modern Party 

Cheers to a new beginning!

Xx Bee


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