Unplugged: Something Blue

And with the last paged turned, another book is complete. As I sit and reflect on Something Blue, the sequel to Something Borrowed, I am left in awe of the writer’s creativity and her ability to fully captivate my mind. This book focuses on the character who I was not very fond of in Something Borrowed, Darcy Rhone. To be honest, I was hesitant starting this sequel because I was so put off by Darcy’s character (that’s how good Emily Giffin’s writing is, she makes you FEEL) but was pleasantly surprised by the end. In some ways I felt like I related more to Darcy’s character in this book than I had to Rachel’s character in Something Borrowed (read my earlier #UNPLUGGED post, here, to catch up!).

Something Blue is a novel about one woman’s surprising discoveries about the true meaning of friendship, love, and happily-ever-after. It’s a novel for anyone who has ever, even secretly, wondered if the last thing you want really the one thing you need.”

As I completed the book, I was left with a lot of thoughts running through my mind. Some were about the book and some were just general thoughts about life. I started to wonder about starting and finishing chapters and how reading a book could be so similar to our lives.

Recently, my family unexpectedly lost a very important person in our lives. It was absolutely devastating to all of us. It made me realize how delicate life is and how quickly chapters close in our lives. It also made me realize how difficult it is to move on to the next one.

Just like the chapters of a book, you need certain aspects of the previous chapter to continue and understand the next chapter. Just like you do in life. No matter how difficult it is to move on to the next one, you will always remember the details of the last one too. These details help guide and direct you and your understanding.

As my family mourns the loss of a loved one, I am given strengthen knowing that the memories and lessons I learned from my them will help guide me in the next chapter of my life. It has given me a new hope and dedication to grow closer with my family, to never give up on my dreams and to live life fearlessly.

As we write our own story, chapter after chapter, remember that there are always memories and lessons to carry you on to the next one. Allow these details to help carry you forward, especially through the difficult chapters of your life. Write an incredible story, one that you are proud of and one that will make an impact in other people’s story.

Xo Bee


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