Columbus is a city that always has something going on, something new to look at, a new place to explore and a new restaurant to indulge in – it is absolutely fantastic. Recently, I have explored more of my city and making new friends.

Columbus Museum of Art has always been a special place in our city. It has attracted attention of thousands of people from all around and it finally captured my attention. The best part about it was that I got to enjoy my city with a new friend, Pao.

I always laughed at the idea that art made you “feel” something. Like, “How does this piece make you feel?”…I never truly understood the notion until I went to the Columbus Museum of Art. When you stop laughing at the idea that a piece of art can make you “feel” and embrace the beauty of someone’s creativity, you will find that you can actually “feel” without being asked.

As I walked around and opened my heart and mind, I felt inspired. As I have pursued my dreams or tried to figure them out, I have found myself discouraged, confused and frustrated. At the museum, I came across a collage of Pictures of Women Working (2016) by Carmen Winant. It featured hundreds of women working and pursuing their goals and dreams. Some were young and some were old – that is when I realized that I am on the right path. It has not been the most glamorous or the perfect path, but I am where I am supposed to be. That is what Carmen Wintant’s Pictures of Women Working made me feel inspired.


Take the time to explore your city, embrace its beauty and embrace other’s creativity. Open your hearts and minds and allow yourself to feel and be moved. You might just find some inspiration from others that you can apply to your life.







Xo Bee


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