Something Borrowed

I forgot the power that books have on me. They are a complete escape and I thoroughly enjoy it. I recently finished my second book, Something Borrowed, and am on to the third book of 2017! Leave it to me to want to make a change and spend more time reading this year and now, that is all I want to do.

Something Borrowed was absolutely captivating and a classic “Chick Lit”. For those of you who are new to The Little Babbling Brooke, “Chick Lit” was a term I came across in my first book of 2017, Chasing Harry Winston. It is similar to the term “Chick Flick” but in a literary form – clever, huh?

I first heard about Something Borrowed when Leigh, the rising publishing star in Chasing Harry Winston, sheepishly admitted that she enjoyed reading “Chick Lit” novels in her spare time. Little did I know, Something Borrowed was sitting in my stack of books given to me by my boss, who happens is a Wedding Planner – see a theme emerging?

So yes, Something Borrowed is absolutely captivating. It is kind of twisted and one of the characters (I am not telling you who) drives me insane – BUT I LOVED IT! The author of The Devil Wears Prada AND Chasing Harry Winston states it perfectly,

“You don’t have to lust after your best friend’s boyfriend to worship this book (trust me on this)….Here’s a heroine you’ll root for and a book you won’t want to put down. I loved it.” Lauren Weisberger

As some of you are probably reading this you might be thinking, “Hmm, isn’t there a movie titled Something Borrowed?”, and the answer is, yes! In 2011, they produced Emily Giffin’s book into a film that you may have watched. If that is the case, I still recommend reading the book! I genuinely try reading the books before they become big movie productions (i.e. – The Harry Potter series…that I was 10 years late reading AND watching the movies, those were dark times).

Overall, I give Something Borrowed a 10/10! If you are as easily captivated by love stories, occasional drama (or life altering drama) and all things weddings, then you will enjoy this book as much as I did! The best part is that there is also a sequel, which I am currently reading, titled Something Blue. I will not give away all the details until the next #unplugged segment, which will be coming sooner than you might think!

Xo Bee


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