Positively You

So I began writing this blog to use as a platform to express my personal style, hobbies, lifestyle, philanthropy and to inspire others! It has been a bumpy journey as I am continually working on developing my personal brand, my blog and myself as an individual. Recently, I feel like I am getting in the groove of things – I am feeling more inspired to write, prioritizing my goals and fiercely pursuing my dreams.

It is so empowering to see those around you pursue their dreams and succeed. What is even more empowering is partnering with those people to help progress their dreams further. Luckily for me, I had the pleasure to partner with two childhood friends at a recent photo shoot – one was the photographer and one was the clothing designer.

Before I share these awesome photos, I have to admit that this was my first ever photo shoot for my blog! It was an absolute blast but what made it better was the woman behind the lens – Ms. Amberley Masa (find her on Instagram at @amasa12)! Believe it or not, she is a full-time nurse and is a self-taught photographer and she has serious talent – more to come about her in the future!

This past week we decided to frolic around German Village, which is by far my FAVORITE place in the Columbus Area, especially during fall! We walked around the streets and absorbed all the beauty GV offers this time of year. We shot various outfits (more posts to come in the future) but one outfit in particular was a highlight of the shoot.


Recently my friend, Jenelle Corriveau A.K.A. Nellie, the Founder of Nellie’s Champions for Kids (NC4K) started her own clothing line, Positively You Clothing! Jenelle is an inspiration to everyone she meets and through the work of Nellie’s Champions for Kids she has changed the lives of thousands. As if founding an amazing organization that supports kids with cancer and their families was not enough, she recently created her clothing line to inspire and empower other Girl Bosses!


“Positively You Clothing features unique collections of quality garments for the ultimate GirlBoss.

Not only will you enjoy comfortable and fashionable clothing to pair with your favorite accessories, you can even pass positivity on to a friend by sending them their very own shirt. Giving back to the community is important to Positively You Clothing.

We strive to make the world a more positive place through empowerment, inspiration and support. Positively You Clothing, where positivity is always in style!”



Years ago, Jenelle passed on positivity to me when she offered me my first position at her growing non-profit and helped me build my personal foundation and encouraged my passions. Now, I get to return the favor by spreading positivity to all of my readers and encourage them to pass positivity on to family, friends and local Girl Bosses alike by shopping at Positively You Clothing!

positively-you-2Positivity is always in style!

Being true to who you are makes the journey of life so much more enjoyable. It is not always an easy journey but I believe that personal confidence and a positive attitude is a key to success. I urge all of my family, friends and readers to be positively you, surround yourself with empowering people and pay it forward!

Xo Bee


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