Celebrate Yourself!

Growing up, birthdays have always been a big deal in my family. My parents have always went over and beyond to celebrate my birthday and I have done the same for them. As I continue to get older, it hasn’t really changed! Birthdays are a very special day and a huge milestone, no matter what age. Your birthday signifies another year of life, a year of new opportunities and a another year to make your mark on the world. Over the years I have grown to appreciate my birthday and am always excited to plan the celebration.

I typically always have a theme to my birthday and this year was no different! As some may know, my nickname is Bee which was the root of this year’s theme! “Bee Turns Twenty-Three” seemed fitting and it really helped pick out my birthday outfit, party favors and more!

I celebrated my birthday with my closet family and friends and capped it off with a weekend getaway to Pittsburgh! I cannot thank everyone enough for making my day so special and going along with my theme! During the process of planning, I made a list of the essentials that I think make every birthday celebration perfect!

1.Pick a fun theme! A theme makes your birthday a little more personalized and fun for your guests!


2. Treat yourself! Whether it be a mani/pedi or a new outfit, it does not hurt to gift yourself on your special day. The day to celebrate you only comes around once a year and there should be no shame in celebrating yourself!

FullSizeRender 2
Gel Mani by Bega Stoody at Serenity Salon Pickerington
Dress – BeBe, Shoes – Steve Madden at Macy’s

3. Thank your guests! It is always so important to thank your family and friends who take the time to celebrate your birthday with you! Simple party favors make the biggest difference and will guarantee the best experience for everyone!

FullSizeRender 3

4. Share your celebration with a charity! Making a donation to one of your favorite charities or a movement is a sure way to start another year of life in a great and positive way!


I was able to combine 3. and 4. by purchasing Burt’s Bees lip balms for all my guests who attended my birthday dinner! Burt’s Bees is currently running a campaign to #BringBackTheBees and with the purchase of a certain lip balm they will plant 1,000 wildflowers to help save honeybees. By purchasing a lip balm for each of my guests I was able to keep with my “Bee Turns Twenty-Three” theme, thank my guests in a small way AND make a difference! It was absolutely PERFECT and I know my guests have enjoyed their new lip balms! You can read more about Burt’s Bees Bring Back the Bees campaign here and join their efforts by stopping by your local Target!

5. Cap off your birthday celebration with a small (or big) getaway with family or friends! Starting another year with a small getaway is a fantastic way to start your next year on a good note! Whether it is a small trip  to Pittsburgh or a vacation to the beach – GET OUT AND EXPLORE!





I cannot thank my family, friends and coworkers enough for always supporting me year after year! They might say that “no one likes you when you’re 23” but I would argue that because of your endless support. I urge all of you to celebrate yourself on your birthday and make it fun and memorable! We only live one life so why not make each year a little extra special?

FullSizeRender 5
Special thanks to everyone for going with the theme and wearing black!


Xo Brooke


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