#WCW: The Windy City

I hope all of you had an amazing weekend and spent some quality time with your mothers and loved ones who made you the person you are today! It is really important to show your loved ones how much they mean to you and how they have affected your life. Some flowers, a card, a nice dinner or a day spent together is all they need!

Over the years I have struggled with my gift giving creativity, especially on Mother’s Day. This was due to my “struggling college student” lifestyle and because giving my mom flowers and a card just is not enough for me! It also does not help that flowers make her allergies act up. So this year I wanted to think outside of the box and really give my mom something that would show her my appreciation and be totally unexpected! So that is when I decided that we were going to CHICAGO!

Now do not get me wrong, my mom loves receiving tangible gifts but what she loves more is experiences. During my college years I was so incredibly busy that I was unable to spend as much time with my mom as I once did as a kid so now I am making up for it! When I told her what our plan was, she was SO excited! She had only been to Chicago one time as a child but does not remember any of her trip – HOW PERFECT!? She was over the moon excited and I was too! Even though we were only going for two days, we were going to make the absolute most of it!

We have gone on several other day trips together so I wanted to make this one perfect! As a Mother’s Day present I got her a cute bag filled with all her favorite snacks, a new pair of trendy Vans and off we went! As some of my readers may know, “selfies” are a big thing in my life. A few years ago my mom made me go on a “selfie scavenger hunt” for my 21st birthday (no joke)! She sent me all around Columbus, Ohio with clues and once I figured out the clue/destination, my best friend and I had to go take a selfie before we got the next clue. You can read more about my 21st birthday extravaganza here but let us just say that since that day, selfies have been a big thing for my mom and I!

We woke up early Sunday morning and got in the car for our journey to Chicago, BUT FIRST…we had to take a selfie!
We spent the next 5 1/2 hours jamming to some tunes and deciding what we wanted to do on the first day! Because the weather was supposed to be perfect we decided to be true Chicago tourists and check out Navy Pier, The Bean and Millennium Park! We took some fun photos along the way and the sunshine made for a perfect first day!





We were so exhausted after our first day that we slept through dinner! After a night of great rest, we were up early the next day and ready to continue exploring The Windy City! It was time to take on Michigan Avenue and shop, but first we fueled up at Yolk! It was a cute little brunch spot located around the corner from our hotel so it was a must try!



After an amazing breakfast, it was time to pound the pavement! We stopped at so many stores including Topshop, Zara, Nordstrom and many more! Since I was in Chicago, I wanted to find a place that sold my favorite sweet treat, french macarons! Thanks to Yelp, I stumbled upon Alliance Patisserie and tried several flavors of macarons! I really enjoyed the rose, coffee and pistachio flavored macarons the most!



I then had to take a super artsy photo (of course)


As we continued our shopping we learned quickly why Chicago is nicknamed “The Windy City” but despite the chilly day, we LOVED our time shopping! It was such a fun way to spend the day and we definitely got a workout! We also stopped at the CUTEST candy store, Dylan’s Candy Bar! It was a fun shop and when you “check in” on Yelp, you get a 10% off your purchase – what a nice perk!


When it was time to leave the city we refueled at Shake Shack and it was absolutely SPLENDID! I enjoyed the ShackBurger and Fair Shake and I probably could have gone for seconds! I am definitely looking forward to returning the city for so many reasons but Shake Shack is definitely on the list to revisit!


Our quick trip to Chicago was absolutely amazing and we really enjoyed our time! I have decided to call our trips “A Brooke+Crystal Roadtrip” and use the hashtag #ABCroatrip to document all of our adventures in the future on my Instagram. Chicago treated us well and I think it was the PERFECT Mother’s Day gift for my mom! It is always fun and exciting to get away for a couple of days and explore new places. As we began our journey home, we had to take one last selfie!


Until next time, Chicago!

XO Bee



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