I said “YES!”

I am SO excited to announce that I said, “YES!”

No, I did not get engaged and I definitely did not say “YES!” to the dress like some of you might be thinking; but I did in a way. For the year 2016, I decided to live fearlessly, try new things and welcome any opportunity life gives me. Therefore, I am very excited to announce that I said “YES!” to a job offer as a Bridal Stylist for La Jeune Mariee in Columbus, Ohio! See what I did there?

Over the last several months I have gone through the “OH MY GOSH! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE!?” phase…and it was tough. To me, there was no right or wrong answer when it came to deciding what I wanted to do, which is great but makes decisions difficult. I knew I wanted to stay in Columbus (for now) but did I want to pursue a career related to my Strategic Communication Degree or did I want to continue to immerse myself in the bridal business? After several months of job searching, I applied for a position that was completely different from what I was initially looking for but would allow me to combine my retail experience, my love for the bridal business and of course, people!

When I received the news that I got the job, I WAS SO EXCITED!  I was looking forward to this new opportunity that would allow me to use my skill sets and learn new ones along the way. More importantly, this position would allow me to continue working with The Finer Things Event Planning, Sadie Baby Sweets and of course, The Little Babbling Brooke!

I am a firm believer that with a new job comes a wardrobe update and a celebration! Therefore, I spent my Valentine’s Day pampering myself and celebrating!



My new work attire is “Boutique Chic” (how perfect for a bridal boutique?) and allows me to wear black, gold, and ivory/cream – how classy! To spice up my wardrobe, I hit the mall and found some AMAZING deals! First, I had to find some classy dresses to go with my Christian Louboutins so that I have plenty more reasons to wear them. More importantly, I was able to replace my gold glitz platform heels with these sleek black/gold ombré glitz heels, FINALLY! I am in love with pointed toe heels and got these beauties for $39.99 at Macy’s! I also found this perfect black and gold dot dress (and a few others) all on sale at Macy’s! I definitely suggest taking the time to shop in-store at Macy’s to maximize your options, especially on sale items!

I also treated myself to a new Kate Spade confetti dot card holder for my new business cards! What I love most about this little guys is that 1) it was on sale! 2) it is perfect for carrying my business cards, debit and license instead of my large wallet 3) it matches my “personal brand” that I have worked on lately! If you are a girl on the go, like myself, I suggest purchasing one of these to make your purse or work bag lighter! Be sure to check out all the great items on sale at Kate Spade!

Lastly, what is a celebration without a special bottle of wine! I have saved this Honig Wine for a very special occasion and what is more special than a new job? This bottle immediately captured my interest because it had an image of a bumblebee on the label. For those of you who do not know, my nick name is Bee and I have a very close/symbolic relationship with bees. So when I came across this semi-expensive bottle of wine, I had to have it and I am so glad I splurged! Although I am a dedicated red wine drinker, I am very excited to try their other wines in the future.

FullSizeRender 2


This year has brought me many great things and new opportunities. Although not everything has gone as I thought it was going to go, it is happening for a reason. I truly believe that the events that have happen thus far are leading me down a path of success and happiness. I am looking forward to what the future has in store for me at La Jeune Mariee! I look forward to helping brides pick the most important dress of their lives and encourage them to be confident in their own skin. More importantly, I have a lot of great things planned for The Little Babbling Brooke, so keep an eye out for new segments including Brooke’s Book Club and Vino è Vita! These new additions where you can find my personal reviews of new books I am reading and new wines that I am tasting, because WINE IS LIFE! I hope you feel inspired to live your life fearlessly and continue to chase after your dreams! Cheers!


XO Brooke


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