“The Buckeye Experience”

What exactly is the “Buckeye Experience”? It is not just attending classes, cheering in the Shoe on game day, throwing up the O-H-I-O all around the world, joining student organizations, going Greek, or singing Carmen Ohio; there is so much more. But what is one of the best experiences that a Buckeye can have at The Ohio State University? The answer is dancing in BuckeyeThon’s Annual Dance Marathon.

Each year more than 4,000 of my fellow Buckeyes congregate together for a 2-shift, 24-hour dance marathon at The Ohio Union. We dance, sing, laugh and enjoy the moments with our fellow Buckeyes to raise money and awareness For The Kids at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. We work together to fundraise year long to reach one ultimate goal and this year the goal is to raise $1,000,000.

Now you might be asking, why in the world you would dance for 12 hours? Why would you accessorize yourself with colored tutus, beads, face paint and fanny packs? Why would you donate eight inches or more of your hair? The answer, it is all For The Kids! We dance for the kids who have lost their lives, the kids still fighting, and the kids who have survived!


Top 5 Reasons to Dance For The Kids

 We all have our personal reasons why we dance but here are the top 5 reasons why you should join the team today and dance For The Kids!

  • You Become an Integral part of BuckeyeThon’s History

Raising $1,000,000 will make BuckeyeThon one of the largest individual donors for Nationwide Children’s Hospital! Just think YOU will be a part of this amazing accomplishment!


  • You Are Making a Difference For The Kids while having FUN!

When you dance for those 12 hours you are dancing with friends, fellow Buckeyes, with our Miracle Families, singing, laughing and making memories!

fellow buckeyes

having fun

  • It is Socially Acceptable to Wear a Tutu and Fanny Pack

You cannot deny your excitement that you finally get to wear that tutu and your fanny pack that you brought with you to college. Trust us, we cannot wait either!

tutus and fanny packs

  • Experiencing the Reveal Ceremony and Singing Carmen Ohio

Imagine surrounding yourself with thousands of fellow Buckeyes during the reveal ceremony and concluding the 24 hours by linking arms and singing Carmen Ohio collectively. I will guarantee goose bumps and tears of joy.


  • You are Giving Every Kid a Chance to Become a Buckeye!

Being an Ohio State Buckeye is a commonality that we all share, so why not give kids the same opportunity so that they too can change the world one day just like you!

future buck

 The Buckeye Experience is only complete when you dance for 12 hours, accessorize yourself with a tutu and fanny pack, link arms with thousands of Buckeyes to sing Carmen Ohio and experience the feeling of making a difference For The Kids!

To learn more about BuckeyeThon and how you can get involved and register to dance, please join our team and accept the challenge!



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