An Unforgettable Celebration

I honestly do not know how to begin this post. I am currently overwhelmed with so many emotions that I am finding it difficult to put how I’m feeling or what I am thinking into words. Simply said, I feel blessed with a lot of amazing people in my life. But honestly, that does not even give them the justice they deserve.

To most, a 21st birthday is just a milestone in a span of your lifetime, but to my family, friends, and my mom it is so much more. Where to even begin about what my life has been like since last Wednesday…this will be a long post, please enjoy!

Tuesday June 3rd, 2014

My best friend returned to Columbus to spend the week with me and celebrate! This alone made me one of the happiest people alive!

Wednesday June 4th, 2014

12:00AM- I turned the big 2-1 and headed to the bar down the street to have ONE drink and ONE shot (this never really happens). I made it out alive and had a blast!

7:00AM- wake up call. It was rough and was exhausted but was ready to spend the day with my mom and Alexis!

After purchasing my new license our first stop was Buckeye Lake Winery where I enjoyed some yummy fried green beans and wine! Next it was time for a much-needed pedicure before I took a well deserved nap. We ended our day at my all-time favorite restaurant in Columbus, Marcellas. I enjoyed a cheese plate, fried calamari, feta stuffed ravioli, martinis, and to top it off tiramisu for dessert! (currently drooling all over my laptop)

I had a tremendous birthday and never thought it could get any better, but oh I was wrong!

Thursday June 5, 2014

It was a casual shopping day with Alexis after sleeping in until 11AM. I purchased my first ever Kate Spade purse which I am totally in love with! After our shopping trip we enjoyed chips, queso, and coronaritas (who really knows what the call them) at Cazuela’s which is something we have looked forward too for months! After our delicious lunch we headed to the pool to bronze our skin before taking a nap and heading out for a night on the town!

My Thursday night out was an absolute blast with some of the greatest girls in my life! It’s always so fun to get dressed up and enjoy a night out on the town. So thankful they made time to come celebrate with me!

Friday June 6th, 2014

I had to work during the day which was not so bad, but was luckily able to enjoy a nice nap (take a lot of naps during your 21st birthday) but after dressed up and had another great night on the town with friends and coworkers!

Saturday June 7th, 2014

Saturdays in June = Weddings! As some may know I work for a Columbus wedding planner, The Finer Things Event Planning (“like” us on Facebook). We plan magnificent weddings in the Columbus area and it is absolutely fabulous! Each and every wedding we plan and execute is unique to the bride and groom’s taste so every weekend is always a new setup, style, color(s), flowers, and so much more! This past weekend’s wedding took place at the Ohio State Capitol Building which is one of my favorite venues in Columbus! It was a beautiful wedding and definitely my favorite one we’ve planned at the State House! Although it was a long day on the job I headed home and went straight to bed because I had a big day ahead of me on Sunday…

Sunday June 8th, 2014

All week-long my mom told me she had a surprise for me on Sunday for my birthday, okay no big deal it’ll be something small. She would not give me or Alexis any details all week-long so I had no idea what was going on. All I knew was that I needed to be dressed and ready by 8:00AM sharp for my wake up call, wear black leggings, and a cozy but cute top. You’re probably wondering what is going on just like I was so here’s what happened today…

8:00AM- I WAS READY…but my mom was late. So at this point in my morning I am exhausted and nervous because I do not really understand what is going on so Lex and I lay back in my bed till we get the text “I am here let me in” at 9:00AM from my mom.

9:00AM- my mom hands Alexis and I each a bag filled with snacks and other goodies, told to go to our separate rooms and change into the shirts that are in the bag. (Note: at this point I was so unsure about what was happening that I was almost scared.) Next thing you know Alexis is coming back to my room wearing the same shirt as me. It was a pink tank top with two minions (from the movie Despicable Me) and across the bottom in sparkly pink lettering it said “BESTIES”…now you are definitely wondering what the heck is about to happen and so was I.

Mom: “Okay girls, today you will be traveling to 21 different places that represent a significant and important part in Brooke’s life. I will give you a clue and you must go to the destination, but you must send me a selfie at the current place before you will be given your next clue. Good luck!” then BAM, out the door she went!

WHAT THE HECK, RIGHT!? I’m so happy we’re all on the same page of confusion, nerves, excitement, and a million other emotions. SO LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN!

1. Where I spent hours of vomiting and pushing: Mount Carmel East


2. Where you spent 9 years forging your dad’s signature and being a proud Panther: St. Pius X


3. 4 creatures live here that you do not see often, but love and miss them: My 3 cats and dog (4 selfies)


4. 3 houses you spent a lot of time at while growing up: Mackenzie’s, Sara’s, and Rachel’s (3 selfies)


this is one of my childhood friend’s dad, thanks!


5. They decorated your arm for every important dance in high school: Fireplace Florist (still have all my corsages)Fireplace

6. Bring this housewarming gift to the girl who had you as a bridesmaid in her wedding: Sara, Victor, and Vincent’s NEW house!


PS- he is getting SO big, love this little guy!

7. They make great cakes, but we love their donuts more: Resch’s Bakery (I was SO excited about this visit…)



8. Where a brick holds your name: Bishop Hartley High School


9. Where your passion for volunteerism and pediatric cancer all began: Nationwide Children’s Hospital


10: My last college visit: THE Ohio State University…GO BUCKS!


11. Home Sweet Home: 2178 Summit, Kappa Delta, & 93 E Frambes


We wanted to send a selfie with Charles’ house, miss you!

12. Take a picture with your favorite wrestling coach (I had to improvise)


Thanks Josh and Nick for being life savers!


After the festivities we got a selfie with my favorite wrestling coach!

13. We love to play and smell their puppy breath (this might be weird): Petland


14. She owns more shoes than you could ever imagine: My Aunt


15. Do one random act of kindness then you can have your last clue to the final destination: Bought the gentlemen’s Starbucks behind me in line!


Final Destination: Rule 3, because I’ve never had a party at a bowling alley


What to say now? I’ve been speechless and in awe for most of the day. When I showed up at Rule 3 my closest family, friends, and even my little Sean greeted me! There was bowling, food, cupcakes, and photos with props (pictured above). I was having so much fun and enjoying all the quality time with my family and friends, but there was one surprise left for me.

My  mom wore a Mickey Mouse shirt this evening. I did not think much of it because I was so overwhelmed when I arrived, but later in the evening Sean’s mom commented about it and I kind of shrugged it off. Next thing you know my mom was asking me why I thought she was wearing the shirt. Instead of having an answer I simply looked at her blankly and said “I don’t know.” Then all of a sudden my mom looked at me and said “We’re going to Disney!” When I finally processed the words I started freaking out. My mom has promised me since I have been a kid that she would take me to Disney World and I never thought it would really happen, but it is and I could not be more excited. I thought my birthday was a ticket to LA, but looks like I’ll be traveling once more this summer! My birthday celebration was so much more than I expected and it was absolutely unforgettable.

The last few days made me realize how many great experiences I have had over the last 21 years. My life is filled with amazing friends, family, and memories and I am so thankful that they took the time to celebrate my 21st birthday in the most amazing way. I cannot thank anyone enough, especially my mom. She deserves nothing but the best and cannot wait to spend time with her in Disney! Thanks mom, family, and friends! Love you today, tomorrow, and always!



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