Feelin 21…

So my 21st birthday is only 2 days away! Most people get very excited about birthdays but for some reason this birthday has me thinking about my childhood and how fast time has gone over the years (I am excited about my birthday, FYI). Quiet frankly, I am starting to realize just how truly weird I am as I reminisce on my childhood with my mom. Most young girls don’t touch bugs, heck, most girls my age or older don’t touch bugs. As a child I use to go around the block with my tricycle and pick up centipedes, yes centipedes (not the creepy ones lurking in your house) and I use to play with baby spiders and let them crawl all over my hand. I mean could I get anymore weird? Yes, yes I can. I’m the girl that currently owns approximately 400 TY Beanie Babies that are categorized into storage bins in my mother’s garage. They are definitely my all time favorite childhood toy that played a huge role in my childhood memories.

It’s hard to remember being that young where all I worried about was what Beanie Babies were going to take part in skit that day or waking up to pancakes cut into little hearts and stars (I barely have time for a bagel and coffee now). Time goes fast and lately I have been thinking about how fast it really goes. I get it, I’m only turning 21 years old which starts the next step to my “20 something era,” LET THE FUN BEGIN!

Even though it makes me sad to think about how time fast has gone by over the years, it has allowed me to truly realize how much I have to be thankful for. Over the years my mom has planned extravagant birthday parties with themes such as Luau, Carnival, Survivor, Legally Blonde (where I received Chyna, my dog, as a my gift), surprised me with a car on my sweet 16, and hosted a surprise party for my 18th! Needless to say my mom has definitely out done herself over the years and this is my LAST big birthday she intends to celebrate. I do not know what is happening this Sunday, but I trust that my mom will make it the most extravagant party yet! I can always count on her to make the most of special days. I’ll definitely be posting more about that one after!

So what do I want to set forth and try to accomplish in the second year of my “20 something era”? Well there are a ton of things, but a few that I really know I can accomplish!

1. Join a wine club. Why? Because I’m 21 and I can do what I want. (But seriously, this is happening)

2. Put family on the top of my priority list. As a college student that does not live at home anymore sometimes I get distracted. Minus the fact that I work all the time, go to school, study, go to this internship, go to this wrestling meet, etc. I do a lot but I know I can make more time for my family, especially my mom.

3. Make my senior year the BEST yet. I want to go on spontaneous weekend trips, meet new friends, and grow closer with the ones I have now. I want to finish my senior year with a 4.0 GPA and become the first college graduate in my entire family.

4. Expand my fashion. Yes, I know it sounds silly but when you work in retail you see amazing fashion trends come to life! I just want to be apart of it. It’s definitely not something I need, but it’s definitely something I want to do (true life: I’m a shopaholic)

5. I want to finish the Harry Potter series. Call me a nerd but I want to watch the movies and will not do so until I complete the books.

There are so many things I want to accomplish, improve, and work on that are big and small. I believe that I have a lot more room for growth and intend to continue finding myself and grow into the person I am meant to be in this great big world. I am blessed to be able to celebrate another beautiful year of life and cannot wait to share my 21st birthday adventures in the next few days!



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