Life is Beautiful

Here I am again, sitting in bed and munching on Chester’s Flamin’ Hot Fries. If you didn’t know, these are my addiction. They are these cheap hot fries that are like Cheetos made by the same brand. They cost $2 a bag and you can win my heart if you buy me some and maybe a peach Snapple. Not even kidding.

We’re not going to sit here and talk about my unhealthy addiction to hot corn and potato snacks (literally says that on the bag) but instead I want to write about all the great things in life. Not just in my life, but in life in general. Life is beautiful. Everyone has beautiful things surround them.

I honestly do not know where to even begin! There has been so many amazing things lately that it’s hard to decide what to talk about. So bear with me while I share all the beautiful things in life!

Let’s just start with today. That will help get the ball rolling. Anyways, it’s my grandma’s birthday. She’s the cutest. I really hate how I don’t get to see her as often as I would like. I mean she’s a great Italian cook and can feed me for a week with ONE meatball. It is insane, they are enormous. Too bad I sit and eat the whole thing at once. It’s whatever, I’m Italian so it makes it socially acceptable. Lately though things have changed in a weird, but good way. You know how you call your grandparents and they ask you all the typical questions, “how’s school, work, life, etc”…well lately my grandma has asked me how my dating life is going. Talk about awkward. Maybe awkward isn’t the best adjective, but it’s a bit weird. I mean she’s informed me that she prays every day that I find a great guy that will take care of me. So gentleman, my grandma is now taking future husband applications for her only granddaughter at this time. Inquire within… there’s that. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!

Okay let’s move on to something a little less awkward, but something that is truly magnificent. Life is beautiful. It challenges us, inspires us, strengthens us, changes us, and SO much more. There is something to be gained from each day. Lately life has been pretty inspirational and I think it’s something to share to my readers!

Princess Maggie got to RING THE BELL! Some of you may be wondering what it means to “ring the bell”. It is the most exciting thing a child will get to do if they have cancer. Ringing the bell signifies that they have completed chemotherapy. I don’t think it can get any better than that. I have had the pleasure to get to know Maggie and her family over the years. To say they are amazing would be an understatement. Words cannot even describe how truly amazing they are. They are inspirational, spirited, faithful, encouraging, and strong. They are all survivors. Maggie has accomplished more than most children her age. She has endured pain, overcome fears, and battled cancer. She did this all with a smile on her face and a wearing a princess dress. She is a survivor, she is a fighter, but most importantly she is an inspiration. I am so happy for Maggie and her family.

photo 2This is Maggie and her family ringing the bell at Nationwide Children’s in Columbus, OH!!

Now for my little hero Sean! He’s such a cutie and I honestly love and care for him so much. Unfortunately he was readmitted into the hospital due to an infection, but he knows how to keep a smile on his face. I can go on and on about how special he is to me and how much he means to me. I am so proud that he has been so strong through these last few months. To be so young and battling cancer is something no child should go through. I could not imagine going through the process myself, but I admire him and all the other kids in the world for being strong warriors. Soon I hope to be attending Sean’s ringing of the bell! We’re getting closer and closer! Despite the bumps in the road Sean always knows how to keep a smile on his face which immediately puts a smile on mine. He keeps me motivated and inspired. Sean constantly reminds me why I want to make a difference in these kids lives. I want to fight for them so they no longer have to fight cancer!

photo 3Look at my little goober being goofy in the hospital. He brings so much joy to my life. I think he was trying to be some sort of character from Star Wars. I should probably watch those movies so he will stop being mad at me for never watching them…one of these days I will!

Next I want to write about BuckeyeThon. I swear I grow more and more in love with the organization every day. Nothing can get better than being apart of something with amazing people who are motivated and inspired to change the lives of kids. It is incomparable to anything else. I feel so blessed and thankful to be apart of something that is absolutely so amazing. This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the first BuckeyeThon Fashion Show. It was incredible. I loved every moment of the event. It brought me back to my roots and reminded what got me to where I am today in the first place. My love and passion all began with a fashion show and it continually grew over the years. This cause has become a part of me and is a huge motivation in my life. Working with these children and their families has helped define the person I am today and the person I want to become. That alone is incredible; it’s something that I am very thankful for. There is so much inspirational things and people in my life and I am soaking up every part of it! I really enjoyed the fashion show because it was a huge reminder why I love what I do. I do this for the kids and their families. It makes me happy, but more importantly it makes them happy as well! FOR THE KIDS!

photo 1

I cannot congratulate the events committee enough for the amazing work they did this past Saturday. It was truly incredible.

Some people wonder why I blog. I’m a 20 year old college student so why do I blog? I blog to share beautiful moments like this. Life is beautiful and EVERYONE deserves a chance to see that. I have been blessed to be surrounded by amazing individuals all working to change the world. That’s exactly what I want to do. I want to inspire people to go out and change the world, help others be happy, and change their lives. It will change theirs in return. I know this because all these kids I have had the pleasure to work with have inspired me to make a difference. They changed my life and I want to help change theirs. I do not want to watch miracles happen, I want to help make miracles happen. I want to motivate others to pay it forward, to make a change, and inspire others! Life is beautiful and it’s up to all of us to continue creating beautiful moments with incredible people.


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