You May Be

I successfully made it through the last few days. I was definitely feeling the pressure. Last night I cried while attempting to start and finish my issue brief and I really could not tell you why. One of the many ‘girl problems’ that I will never understand. I realize how that may not make ANY sense to some of you, but it’s true. I just do not understand them sometimes.

After a long day of class, work, and meetings I decided that I needed to write this evening. So here I am sitting in bed (as usual), eating a Buckeye Donut (they’re my favorite), and reflecting on my day. Something truly magnificent happened today at work. I met one of the most amazing people her name was Deborah. She was stopping in to purchase some winter shoes. She explained how she was in sort of a hurry because she was tired and needed rest. She then informed me how she just returned home from Vietnam and Cambodia. This is where our conversation started.

Immediately intrigued I began to ask her questions about her trip and sat there in awe. She told me all about her trip and the dozens of other places she has traveled too. I was completely captivated by this woman’s experiences from around the world. I shared my story about my journey to Costa Rica to save the sea turtles and explained how one day I wanted to travel the world and see some of the amazing places she has seen. She was one of the most encouraging, inspiring, and spirited people I have ever met. I felt honored that after telling me that she was in a hurry she sat with me to share her stories, encourage me, and give me some ideas of places to travel. Our conversation made me want to jump on a plane and fly to wherever! Ah! I feel so motivated to see and change the world. All thanks to Deborah.

As Deborah and I were talking I noticed a ring she was wearing. It had a bee imprinted on it. As some may or may not know, but my nickname is bee. Once I realized the imprinted bee on her ring I immediately asked her and explained my nickname. Funny thing is that bees have always been a significant symbol in her life. We shared so much in common and to think that she is a retired Spanish teacher and I’m still a college student searching for my place in life. Complete different times in our lives yet we had so much in common. What a coincidence.

After meeting Deborah I was once again reminded that God truly puts people in your life for a reason. Meeting Deborah inspired me to think about my next big plans. When I tell people that I crossed the number one thing off my bucket list their immediate question is “what’s next?” and I do not have an answer. I never took the time to really think about. I felt accomplished after I saved the sea turtles, but I stopped pursuing my bucket list. There are big and small things on my list, things I can accomplish more easily than others. So why am I not planning and pursuing them? I suppose I don’t really have an answer, but now I have the motivation to start again.

Encounters like today’s reminds me why I love working with people so much. You learn something every day. Every person on this earth has a unique story made of unique experiences, tough times, and life changes. It shapes them into the person they are supposed to be; a person you can learn something new from. Every person has a gift they can share even if they do not even realize they have one. I was reminded today that it is important to embrace humanity and all walks of life. You just never know what the next person can inspire you to do or become. But remember to be honest with yourself, share your story, and find the beauty in every day because YOU may be the one to inspire others. See the world, spread the love, and inspire people to change the world. That’s my plan!


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