Shine a Little Brighter

Here I am on a Monday morning listening to the rain tap softly on my windows. I should be fast asleep with the peaceful sounds all around me, but here I am at approximately 1:23AM thinking and reflecting on life and all the great things that surround me. I do not know what triggered all the thoughts to start passing through my mind, but they have left me wide-awake and energized. So why not write?

A lot of great change has happened recently in my life. The best thing is that I no longer work at the bar. Although it was a great learning experience and many friendships were made I honestly believe that it will be one of the most positive changes I will make in my life this year. I will be moving on to bigger and better things, as I will soon embark on a new adventure of selling shoes at Nordstrom. I have been extremely blessed in the last few weeks and I am so grateful for the opportunities that have been give to me.

Although I am very excited about my new job there is something more exciting that has happened in my life. On the same day I received news about my new job I also received even better news. As a person who strongly believes in making a difference in the lives of others I have had an empty place in my heart since I had to leave my previous nonprofit due to my conflicting school schedule. On that very day I was able to fill that void in my life as I was accepted into BuckeyeThon. BuckeyeThon is one of the largest student organizations at The Ohio State University. Their mission is to raise money to support the kids treated at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The largest event that BuckeyeThon hosts is the annual dance marathon. It’s a night filled with dancing, games, smiles, and pure happiness. What I love most about the organization is that they work For The Kids in hopes to bring an end to childhood cancer, a cause that is very dear to me. When I received the news about my acceptance I felt this small dark cloud disappear from my spirit. I felt that I no longer had an empty space in my heart and I now had an opportunity to give back to kids and their families just like I have before. On that day after receiving all this amazing news I never felt more blessed. God puts you through certain situations so you can live and learn. Sometimes those situations are difficult and some are easy. In the end you are exactly where you are suppose to be, your challenges and triumphs build you into the person you are meant to be in the world.

Life is beautiful. It’s nights like these where I am able to take my mind away my busy schedule and just reflect and really take notice of all the great things and people who surround me daily. Everyone always says it’s the “little things in life” that really make us happy, but honestly I think you can find happiness wherever you create it; big and little. It’s an act that can be contagious and spread to whomever. Our lives and what we do with it is our message to the world and all whom inhabit it. Lets do something crazy, lets put smiles on other’s faces, lets give to those who are in need, lets inspire others to go out there and do something amazing, but most importantly lets love the beautiful life we live in and do what it takes to make it better.

It’s not a simple task by any measure. It’s not impossible either. It’s something that each of us needs to find within ourselves, a desire, the passion, and the inspiration. We must be courageous and motivated. Changing the world is a big task, but if each of us takes the time to change someone’s world it can cultivate into something magnificent. I am a true believer. We are granted with so much opportunity while others are denied those privileges. Life is beautiful, but we can always do things to make it shine a little brighter.


“You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips.”


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