Costa Rica

As some of you may already know, I intend to travel to Costa Rica this coming summer for two weeks. During this two-week trip I will be volunteering at a sea turtle conservation. Pretty cool, huh? Sea turtles are one of my favorite animals and it’s on my bucket list to watch baby sea turtles hatch. My obsession with sea turtles is a bit out of control, but I’m okay with it. I like being a little nerdy and weird.

Anyways I am scheduled to leave on July 15th, but I have a few issues. I have yet to order my passport, pay/fund my trip, buy a plane ticket, or save any spending money. Yeah just a few minor problems. I guess when I decided I was going to spend my summer doing different things I thought that it would be easy to fund my trip. I make decent money at the bar, but lately not so much. As a college student who works 2 jobs, takes honors classes, manages the wrestling team, volunteers often, and is now apart of a sorority you can probably understand where things get costly. I do well for myself though and I am proud of that. It makes me feel accomplished to know that I have supported myself financially for the most part. My parents have been extremely supportive and buy me groceries here and there or fill up my gas tank too! They are such sweethearts! Anyways, as it is beginning to dawn on me that the end of February is quickly approaching I feel a bit panicked that I have nothing ready for my trip! March is right around the corner followed by June and sure enough before I know it July will be here!

The volunteer headquarters I applied through gives you pointers, ideas, things to do, and tools to help you fund your volunteer trip. Honestly though I am terrible at asking others for help in any way. I guess it’s a pride thing, but I’m slowly working on it! I do not really know how many people read my posts, but if you are maybe you can help out. I am looking for good solid advice on how to save for a trip. I do not want money to be the reason I cannot go and experience the world. I am in college and I only live once. I want to gain the most out of life and I want to start NOW. For those of you who are reading this how do you suggest I go about following my dreams in an effective and efficient way? How do I properly raise funds while maintaining my standards of living as a college student on her own? What kind of things do I save for that I must do while I am in Costa Rica; par sailing, whitewater rafting, hiking, shopping, sight-seeing? I have NO clue! I have never traveled outside of the country before and I suppose I need assisted guidance as I embark on this new journey in my life. I am open to any suggestions, comments, or advice you may have. Even if you do not have any, share with friends and family who can possibly be able to help me out! I am all about social networking and branching out. I love meeting new people and am willing to take any advice I can get!

One of the tools IVHQ offered is a free GoFundMe account, which is an online funding account. I am supposed to share it on my Facebook wall, Twitter account, and maybe even Instagram. Needless to say it has not been successful and to be honest I feel weird posting the link. Maybe I feel that way because I’m not really good at asking others for help. As I said I am working on this issue so I felt that I should include the link in this post. I guess you never know what could really happen, so why not give it a try. I am determined to travel to Costa Rica and fulfill a dream of mine and I am willing to do whatever it takes to get me there. Feel free to share this link with family and friends to help me live out my dream.

You never know what kind of differences you can make in the lives of others until you try. I urge everyone to start following their dreams at a young age and let nothing stop you. Make a positive change in your life so you can make a positive difference in the world. Be free-spirited, be bold, and be you. Life has an endless amount of opportunities waiting for you to grab on too. So let nothing stand in your way.

“Do it with passion or not at all”



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