Meant To Be

I had this overwhelming urge to write, but now that I sit here I don’t know what to write about!! I think they define this dilemma as “writer’s block.” So maybe if I start to ramble and continue to ramble this post will start to move in some sort of direction. Maybe it’ll be inspirational, emotional, funny, or completely boring and irrelevant to anything going on in my life. Honestly what isn’t going on in my life lately, let’s get real. I am always busy doing a million and ten things and I LOVE IT.

As you all may know due to my earlier post, Kappa Delta has been a blessing to my life. I have had so many great experiences and fun memories so far I cannot even imagine what the future has in store. Since the last time I have taken the time to sit and write we had formal, big/little reveal night, and family themed TG. Needless to say I have had so much fun at all the events! These girls I call my sisters continually amaze me every day. They are inspiring, caring, entertaining, and absolutely fabulous. I see myself growing with these girls for the rest of my life. I truly feel like I found my home away from home and cannot wait to continue sharing my experiences and memories with these dolls.



I cannot continue this post without talking about big/little reveal night. It’s kind of funny how it all started. Tori and I simply started out as classmates last semester in Public Affairs 2150, one of my favorite classes EVER. Anyways we sat at the same table with a few other inspiring girls. Sure enough we were assigned a group project together and over the course of the semester we all grew extremely close. Tori and I shared a passion for kids battling childhood cancer. Being once involved with Nationwide Children’s Oncology/Hematology floor and NC4K I found my passion. Tori was involved with Buckeyethon which is our annual dance marathon that Ohio State hosts to raise funds and awareness for Nationwide Children’s Oncology/Hematology floor. Immediately as she shared how amazing the organization and the event was I was hooked! I signed up to take part in the upcoming Buckeyethon for the first time. As the months went on and I returned from winter break, recruitment immediately started. I never paid much attention to the girls I knew who were in sororities. I went in with an open mind and in a way clueless. No one in my family has ever gone Greek or even gone to college, but I tried it anyways. After two long crazy weekends my heart was set on Kappa Delta and on bid day, after running from the Union to the Kappa Delta house on 15th I was greeted by Tori with a sign that said, “KD’s love Brooke.” After that I was able to call Tori my sister! In the midst of all the excitement in the weeks following bid day, Buckeyethon was here! I danced with my fellow KD sisters including Tori and a fellow pledge Emma. I fell completely in love with Buckeyethon and I have Tori to thank for encouraging me to sign up! We danced, snacked, stood next to chairs, and took silly pictures. I had a blast and knowing I made a difference in these kids lives made it that much better. After my long exciting weekend of formal and Buckeyethon the week of big/little reveal was finally here! I was so excited! I had no idea what it had in store for me but soon found on. On Wednesday night starting at 10PM I found myself running around the Kappa Delta house from room to room finding gifts and clues leading to the next clue. It was crazy, imagine 40+ pledges running around a house carrying gifts having no clue where the “periwinkle room with a Toms banner hangs that has bunks too low” and all this other crazy stuff. Needless to say it was hilarious and so much fun. The last gift and clue instructed to put on the funny socks on our feet and to go find our big with the matching sock. Sure enough the bigs were hiding behind the curtain making the reveal so much more suspenseful. As I am standing trying to patiently wait I find Emma standing next to me. Earlier as we were waiting to be released to find our bigs Emma placed all her gifts next to mine. As I was standing there I started noticing how all of our stuff was oddly similar. So the idea passed through my mind that maybe her and I were twins, but then thought differently because we didn’t have matching socks. As I was standing next to her in front of the black curtain waiting to find out who our big was I was trying to convince myself that it would be too crazy that her and I could be twins. How do two girls grow super close after bid day and spend Buckeyethon together become twins? I had NO clue. Sure enough when the curtain dropped, Emma and I stood in front of Tori. When I joined Kappa Delta I was blessed to call Tori and Emma my sisters, but on big/little reveal night I was blessed to call Tori my beautiful big and Emma my terrific twin. I don’t think I could have asked for a more perfect and beautiful family.


IMG_2086These are my Kappa Delta sisters at Buckeyethon. As you can see my twin, Emma (2nd girl on the left) stands next to me and on the other side of me is Tori, my big. Funny how we stood next to each other in these pictures, we were meant to be!

It’s weird how life works. I always seem to have odd and terrific things happen in my life to constantly remind me of this fact. Along with all the exciting Kappa Delta news, I finally started my internship with The Finer Things Event Planning. I am totally in love with what I do and I think I have made the decision that I want to do something like this for the rest of my life. Therefore I have made the decision to change my major. I believe I am going to switch to marketing with a minor in non-profit management and business management. I also think I want to own my own business. Lately I have felt extremely inspired that I am capable of doing something like this in my life. With this fresh new inspiration and belief I am going to pursue it and see where it takes me! Although this is not a concrete decision it’s something new that I intend to pursue whole heartedly.

Throughout the past few weeks I have made so many great memories and have made life changing decisions. Being a college student is not always easy. It’s hard balancing school, work, Kappa Delta, my internship, and a social life. I know one day all my hard work will pay off. As I continue to pursue new opportunities I intend to stay strong, productive, and true to who I am and the person my parents have raised me to be in life. As new and exciting things continue to happen in my life I plan to continue to write more and more and share my happiness because it makes the world go round. During Buckeyethon I was reading all the history and informational facts displayed. As I was reading all the information, I came across an inspirational quote from Ohio State’s very own Woody Hayes. When I read it I was immediate struck with inspiration. I want to share it with all my readers and I hope it gives you the same inspiration it has given me.

“You can never pay back, so you should always try to pay forward.” -Woody Hayes


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